How To Sell a House With Pet

Selling a home can be an exciting but difficult process, particularly if you have cherished pets who are a part of your family. While having these furry friends in your house adds warmth and delight, it can also provide difficulties when trying to sell it to potential purchasers. However, with careful preparation and a few well-thought-out techniques, you may sell your home while preserving the security and comfort of your pets all through the process. We will provide you a thorough explanation of how to sell a house with pets in this article.

Making Your House Pet-Friendly

Spend some time making the required repairs and making sure your home is in the greatest possible shape before placing it on the market. Pay close attention to locations that your pets have accessed, such as chewed furniture or wall scratchings. To make your home seem its best, clean, fix, and deodorize these areas.

Design a Pet Plan

The routine of your pets may be disturbed by the frequent showings and probable open houses associated with selling a home. Create a pet plan to keep your pets safe and reduce stress during these times. You might confine them to a certain location, entrust a friend or family member with their care, or use pet daycare services.

your house thoroughly

It’s imperative to clean everything thoroughly, especially if you have dogs. To keep your home looking and smelling fresh, remove pet hair from furniture and carpets, wash pet bedding, and vacuum frequently. Consider using pet-friendly air fresheners or baking powder to mask odors because pet odors can be a major turn-off for potential buyers.

Home staging with pets in mind

To make your property appealing and hospitable for potential buyers, staging is essential. Consider your pets’ needs as you proceed. Display a neat and well-organized living space that can house your dogs without detracting from the property’s key characteristics.

Licensed Photographers

For a successful home sale, you must have high-quality photos. A professional photographer with experience taking pictures with pets present should be hired. They may showcase the best features of your property while artistically including your pets in some photos.

Featured Pet-Friendly Elements

Accept the features that make your house pet-friendly as a selling point. Mention any security elements, such as a dedicated pet area or a secure backyard, in your listing. To draw potential buyers who enjoy pets, you should also draw attention to any surrounding parks, hiking trails, or services that welcome them.

Move Your Animals Away While Showings

While some prospective buyers might love animals, others could have allergies or other reservations. Consider moving your dogs temporarily during showings to appeal to a wider group of purchasers. Additionally, this will stop any potential mishaps or interruptions that might happen while on excursions.

Be Up Front About Your Pet’s Past

When selling a home with pets, transparency is essential. Tell the landlord about any events or any damage your pets may have caused to the property. Buyers value honesty and will feel more at ease making a choice if they are aware of the entire history of the property.

Trade with buyers carefully.

Be ready to discuss the possibilities of fixing any pet-related concerns prospective buyers may have during negotiations. To allay any concerns, you might agree to hire a professional carpet cleaner or repaint the troubled areas.

Prepare for the big day

Consider leaving your pets with a friend, member of your family, or a pet-friendly hotel on the day of your move. Pets might become overwhelmed by the chaos of moving, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re secure and comfortable during this time.


Selling a home with pets may take a little more work, but with good preparation and thought, the process can be handled successfully. You can draw in potential buyers and make sure your pets are well-cared for during the selling process by getting your pet-friendly house ready, making a pet plan, and strategically presenting your home. Recall to be truthful about any pet-related past and bargain carefully with customers. These methods will help you sell your house quickly while thinking of your pets’ needs.


How might the presence of dogs during showings lessen the appeal to potential buyers?

A pet plan might help to lessen the influence of pets during showings. This may entail keeping your pets confined to a particular space, entrusting someone you know to care for them, or using a pet daycare facility. This allows potential buyers to concentrate on the house without being distracted or worried by pets.

Do I need to take any special measures to stage my property with pets in mind?

Yes, make sure to take your pets’ requirements into account when presenting your property. Showcase a clean, well-kept home that can accommodate your dogs without detracting from the overall appearance. When possible, remove pet accessories and quietly add pet-friendly décor to keep the ambience welcoming for all potential purchasers.

What if my pet has gradually damaged the house in some way?

A: Being truthful about any past pet-related circumstances is crucial when selling your home. If your pet has harmed something, tell prospective buyers about it. To reassure buyers and prevent any shocks during negotiations, you may also think about taking care of the problems beforehand, such as fixing scratch marks or having the carpets cleaned properly.

Should I highlight in the property listing any nearby amenities that allow pets?

A: Definitely! A strong selling factor can be mentioning neighboring pet-friendly activities like parks, hiking trails, or eateries. Your house will likely be more appealing to purchasers in this particular market segment because many pet owners actively seek out residences with access to such amenities.

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